L-Body Shift Linkage Kits


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Make your Omni shift like never before!

Our kit includes everything you need to replace the crummy original plastic linkage ends and bushings Our kit also makes your linkage adjustable.

The kit includes steel quick disconnect ball socket connectors, Oil Lite bushings and a 10mm spherical bearing.  All the hardware needed to install the kit and easy to follow detailed instructions are also in the box.

You supply the tools and labor.

$70 includes shipping in the USA via Priority Mail.

AK, HI and out of country pay actual shipping and any other related fees.

For $155, ship us your linkage and we’ll install the kit and restore your linkage to like new appearance.

Return shipping is included in the USA.


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Our new Oil Lite bushing is on the left. The original sloppy nylon one on the right. Twice the contact surface and much stronger than the originals.

This goes a long way to tightening things up.

Factory nylon ball sockets shown above. These had a habit of failing from the day the cars were new. Chrysler’s fix was a retainer clip that snapped over the bottom of the socket. The clip wasn’t much help and they’ve been extinct for years.

Here’s the linkage ready to go into our GLHS.

The shift rods will bend before the new linkages will break.

Plus the shifts are crisp, like they should be.

I installed this same system on our 1986 GLH Turbo and 1987 GLHS. 7 years of hard driving and no missed shifts so far!

We recently we’ve sold our 450th  L-Body shift linkage kit.  It’s good to see that there’s still a strong interest in the turbo Mopar hobby and we are happy to support the hobby.


Linkage kits are $70.00.

Shipping is free in the continental United States

Orders can be placed through Paypal

Choose your model year from the pulldown menu below:

Chrysler changed the shift linkage design several times from 1979-1984.

If you are ordering a 1979-1984 linkage kit, please read the info above or contact us to ensure you get the correct parts for your car.

Contact us for other payment methods or shipping outside the US.

We also have our kits for sale on eBay.  Search for GLHS and you’ll see our listing.



There were several design changes made to the shift linkage used in L body cars from 1979 to 1990.  Changes were made as production continued running and dealers updated some cars with superseded linkage when cars came in for repair. Model years are listed as a guide line. Please look over your linkage and order what is appropriate.

Our linkage kits work on both naturally aspirated and turbocharged cars.


The first few production years used linkage with 90º bends at the ends of the 3/8 inch crossover rods and main shift rod. No plastic ball socket joints were used on these year cars.

The main shift rod pivots on a bracket attached to the K frame.

This style linkage is the only type that requires welding to perform the update.


These years used linkage with ball socket joints on the 3/8 inch crossover rods.

The main shift rod pivots on a bracket attached to the K frame. Some pivot shafts are tapered, some are not. Tapered shafts require different bushings.


The linkage for these years resembles the linkage in the photos on our webpage.

The main shift rod pivots on a bracket bolted to the transmission.